A Quick Summary

day 1: cultists, shadow beast, arson
day 2: Darius kidnapped, ghouls
day 3: ambush at Cass’s
day 4: Buy some bread, Guards→Abominations, apartment ambush, Darius’s note, Mak ties a match, Draven loses an eye
day 5: Day of “rest”. Mak gets attacked and runs. An alarm spell is established
day 6: Kajri learns of her fate, Mak gets ambushed in a boxing match
day 7: They go to the bath-house. Two ghouls are “wrangled”. Water elemental comes out of the gate
day 8: A heist, a flirtatious dinner, and a flirtatious boxing match
day 9: Manus is a skeleton?? WOAH. Dunston destroyed and ghoul-ified
day 10: Preparation for a journey.
days 11-12: First two days of journey. Nothing too exciting.


Cerisa Cerisa

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