Wealthy, charming gentleman who sometimes appears without skin


An upperclass young man used by Kajri as an excuse for infiltrating a fancy hotel. He treated her to an expensive dinner and promised to contact her again after their impromptu date. The next time they saw each other, Kajri slammed him through the wall of a warehouse and he revealed himself to be not just an enchanter (possible necromancer?) but also a living skeleton. Draven punched the skull off of his body, and Manus’ remains were repurposed as a mantel decoration to scare Mac.

When the group traveled aboard the Dawntreader, Draven brought Manus’ skull along with them. Foreseeing it as a possible danger, Draven took the precaution of filling the skull with gunpowder. Sure enough, a reassembled Manus skeleton burst through to the upper deck and began to emit black fire and reanimate the dead. Kajri magically ignited the gunpowder contained in the skull and destroyed Manus for a second time—sinking the Dawntreader in the process.


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