Gatecrashers Session 1
Shadowy Premonitions

Using the one plot element I had prepared for the entire session, I started things in the action: " Kajri, how did this cultists manage to strap you to this table?" " Mak, how did you figure out where Kajri is? Where are we, anyway?" " Draven, what is standing in between you and the one you are payed to keep safe?" It turns that Kajri was in a shady alley looking for a fence to buy black market spell components when she was grabbed, but her kidnappers happened to pass by Mak and Draven just as they were exiting from one of Mak’s boxing matches. The location is the basement of an unwitting nobleman Standing between them were some bulky-looking cultists holding long daggers and itching for a fight. Some highlights from the fight: Kajri attempts to use magic to push the man with the sacrificial dagger away and ends up pushing herself backwards, too, shattering the table into pieces. Mak goes demonic-looking and tosses some of the cultists into each other with little effort. Kajri uses a telekinesis spell to impale the leader with a shard of table, which seems to break some sort of mind-control spell on the rest of them. Draven remembers a similar time this happened, and shudders when he recalls the beast the ritual summoned: a creature made entirely of smoke and shadow, larger than the tallest tree and ever-hungry (but never satisfied). Well, surprise surprise, but as Kajri pulls the impaled dagger out of her stomach, it transforms into a smaller version of one of these creatures. They flee quickly, but realize that if they don’t stop it, all of Threshton will be consumed. Kajri: “Draven, how do we stop this.” “It’ll be dangerous. For you in particular.” “I can do it.” “We need fire. A lot of it. Overload it with what it wants.” Kajri, leaning on the shoulders of her friends, takes a deep breath and prepares a spell that she definitely didn’t learn from Darius.

At this point, we flash forward a couple of minutes. The house is in flames and our heroes are rapidly absconding before they become suspects for a rather dramatic case of arson. Retreating to their apartments, they fall asleep, not realizing that this is just the beginning.

A Quick Summary

day 1: cultists, shadow beast, arson
day 2: Darius kidnapped, ghouls
day 3: ambush at Cass’s
day 4: Buy some bread, Guards→Abominations, apartment ambush, Darius’s note, Mak ties a match, Draven loses an eye
day 5: Day of “rest”. Mak gets attacked and runs. An alarm spell is established
day 6: Kajri learns of her fate, Mak gets ambushed in a boxing match
day 7: They go to the bath-house. Two ghouls are “wrangled”. Water elemental comes out of the gate
day 8: A heist, a flirtatious dinner, and a flirtatious boxing match
day 9: Manus is a skeleton?? WOAH. Dunston destroyed and ghoul-ified
day 10: Preparation for a journey.
days 11-12: First two days of journey. Nothing too exciting.


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