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Just throwing some of the things I have written down on the wiki before I come back to these in detail

→Epifentin – Leader of Draven’s Mercenary group
→Senali – Representative from
→Kalen the guard
→Manus the (rich) flirt/ALSO A SKELETON?
→Marzetty the (combatative) flirt
→Janus, captain of the Dawntreader.
→Finn, the first mate
→Milo, the chef.
→Mylan Rakich, former captain of the Black Hornet.

Currency: Gold Drakes, Silver Stones. 16 Stones to a Drake.

Threshton, City of Merchants (City): Wealthy, Steady, Guard, Guild (Merchant’s); Oath of Support (Innis Keep), Trade (Innis Keep), Oath of Support (Blackstone), Arcane, Blight (Arcane creatures)
Cliffside, Port town
Home of the Worldgate
Dunston – Port island district

===>[Cass’s Herb Shop] == family owned
→Cass – Runs a shop that sells herbs and magical supplies, does “fortune telling”, “rad”, 35 or so, mother was a hedge witch, some healing skills
→Gregory Darius – Watcher of the Gate
=>Chuck’s = A tavern with a basement boxing ring, run by “Chuck”
→Chuck – Barkeep, runs a boxing ring that Mak fights in and Draven occasionally bets on
=>Vlad’s Bakery = The PC’s are regulars
→Vlad the Baker

Innis Keep: Poor, Shrinking, Guard, Need (Supplies), Oath (Threshton), Trade (Threshton), History (Battle), Blight (Restless Spirits)

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