A scoundrel known for his thieving and unique use of a rapier.


‘Aki’ is a 20 year old Male Scoundrel that stands at about 5’ 11. He has a slender body type that is often covered in very fitting, dark leather armor. His face is typically hidden away through shadows and other garments to preserve his identity. Always at his side is a rapier, which is well decorated. His wavy, deep brunette hair is strangely well taken care of. Those who meet his green eyes are met with a sharp, and very calculating look, indicating a very technical and methodical mind.

Stats: Wits +2; Savvy +1; Charm +1; Moxie -1
Tricks: Lockpicks; Second Identity; Deep Pockets
Moves: Sneaky; Duelist


Not much is currently known about ‘Aki’. He is seen as more of a ghost in the eyes of locals in any town he meets. One day he’s there and the next he is gone without any sight of him leaving the town.

His current run-ins with the party of Draven, Mac, and Kajri were on a Pirate Hunting vessel where he found a jewel-encrusted dagger off of a pirate, and also a well made map in the captain’s quarters on the pirate ship. Aki helped Mac out in a situation with crew members, preventing a scene through threatening the soldiers. He additionally expertly dispatched quite a few pirates, but this is unknown to anyone of significance. As soon as the ship had docked in town, he had departed without a word.


Invisible Cerisa Aki