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The sun sets on a world that is too blind to notice…

Invisible is a fantasy world featuring a mankind that has turned its back to magic, a history that has been mostly forgotten, and a dying breed of distrusted and seemingly-suicidal risk-seekers called "adventurers"—those who have looked behind the curtain and seen magic with their own eyes, and now can never again turn away from it.

Inspiration for Invisible range from Tolkien to Romantic-era ideologies, from Lovecraft to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and from thermodynamics to the philosophy of art. In general, the tone of the world is comparable to many urban fantasy worlds such as the Dresden Files, Buffy, and the World of Darkness games, except the time period has been ratcheted back to the late-Middle Ages, resulting in a world that somehow feels both anachronistic and ancient at the same time.

We are currently exploring this world with Adventure World, a game of my own creation (currently unreleased) using the Powered by the Apocalypse engine to create a collaborative storytelling environment in the spirit of the great adventures that we know and love.

Home Page

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